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As in most working environments, no matter how you try to ignore it, there is sometimes that one person that really knows how to get under your skin and make your blood boil.We’ve all been there and, apparently, so have the stars. While actors are paid to make you believe that it’s all smiles and rainbows, when the cameras stop rolling it can be an entirely different situation — one that has sometimes caused actors to actually punch each other on set.

Here are 10 actors whose dislike for their co-stars were so strong it resulted in a smack down.

1. LL Cool J vs. Jamie Foxx
Film: Any Given Sunday

LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx played opposing members of an American football team in the 1999 drama, Any Given Sunday. Cool J went full method madness for the role, taking anything Foxx’s character did or said personally and ended up smacking him on camera. Obviously that didn’t fly with Foxx, and the pair ended up punching and kicking each other, rolling around like school kids on set, and actually had to be separated!

After a series of public snide marks towards one another, with Cool J ripping his co-star on an album and Foxx mocking their fight during a stand-up routine, they made friends in 2006.

2. Tom Cruise vs. Rob Lowe
Film: The Outsiders

The movie that launched both Cruise and Lowe to stardom, while rehearsing a fight scene for The Outsiders Lowe accidentally punched Cruise for real, which in turn caused the actor to go full-blown batshit and started an on-set fight with the pair beating the shit out of each other. Thankfully though, it was broken up pretty quickly and the pair made up pronto!

3. Shia LaBeouf vs. Tom Hardy
Film: Lawless

Both Hardy and LaBeouf are known for their method approach to acting, so witnessing the pair behaving rattily towards each other as they played the moonshine-producing brothers with a strained relationship in Lawless, didn’t come as a surprise. What was a bit shocking though was, as LaBeouf felt he was constantly being overlooked in favor of his co-star, he just rocked up and punched Hardy in the back of the head — knocking him out cold.

Obviously Hardy woke up and suffered no real damage, but what the hell?!

4. George Clooney vs. David O’Russell
Film: Three Kings

Probably one of the most famous actor/director punch-ups in movie history, director David O’Russell and George Clooney haven’t worked together since fighting on the set of Three Kings.

Clooney wrote to O’Russell and telling him that the way he was treating his cast was abhorrent. Clooney’s actions appeared to be working until one extra was unable to throw the actor to the floor, so O’Russell grabbed him, chucked him to the floor and repeatedly kicked him. Clooney apparently pulled the pair apart and screamed at the director, who in turn furiously attacked him — Oof!

5. Lucy Liu vs. Bill Murray
Film: Charlie’s Angels

Although Bill Murray is universally beloved, his temper tantrums are so infamous the actor has been dubbed “The Murricane.”

During the filming of Charlie’s Angels, Murray openly slated Lucy Liu’s acting abilities to her face, on set, in front of the cast, after complimenting Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore. He said:

“I get why you’re here. And you’ve got talent. But what in the hell are you doing here? You can’t act.”

The comments sparked an on-set rage flap from Lucy Liu, who threw a number of punches towards Murray and — even after being pulled away — continued to scream at the actor for the next twenty minutes.

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