What is it about? We wanted to start an honoust review site with small reviews about any movie. But we also wanted to build an interaction part on the website and social media to provide movie lovers a platform where they can exchange movie tips and suggestions to eachother.

First we started building this website and from there we will continue. For now we will watch movies and provide short reviews of these movies. Some movies will be great and fun to watch, some movies are just rubbish or a waste of time. We will certainly let you know which ones!
Rating will be on the #SaltedPopcorn scale, while we believe salted popcorn is the only popcorn you can eat while watching a movie. Don’t come asking for sweet popcorn, because we will not have it.

Keep on watching a lot of movies and if you have a great movie to share, please send us your suggestions. We are always looking for movies!
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