Zoute Popcorn

Class comes last at Blue Mountain State, where the weekdays are just a primer for Saturday’s big game.
The slick-with-the-ladies Alex (Darin Brooks) is satisfied with his second-string status and partying with his buddy Sammy (Chris Romano), the Goats’ beloved mascot. Team leader Thad (Alan Ritchson), meanwhile, relishes the idea of hazing the incoming freshman and is always given Alex a hard time. 

Expect loads of American Pie kind of humor with sex, drugs and alcohol related incidents. Some jokes are really funny, some are bad and not even laughable. Chris Romano who stars as Sammy plays a role you either love or hate, because he can be annoying. Thad is always going to the max with his almost really stupid ideas. Each episode last around 20 minutes, so it is easy to watch.

3 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale.

By Chris

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