Zoute Popcorn

After the success of Chef and the foodtruck hype, Burnt shows how a chef seeks for new success and redemption with the help of some old colleagues.

Bradley Cooper plays Adam Jones, who was once a top chef in Paris but due to drugs, alcohol and women suffered from a major meltdown. After working in New Orleans he seeks for redemption in London by taking over an old friend restaurant, who needs a success. Jones assemblies a team of former colleagues and a new sous chef, played by Sienna Miller. Who is the love interest in this movie, why else would she be in the movie? The movie shows a lot of heat going on in the kitchen Gordon Ramsey style and Jones is eager to find his redemption by having a third Michelin star. Will he get it? Watch the movie and after multiple dishes being served, thrown in the garbage and a fish market scene you will find out. Worth the watch if you are interested in a tasty 100 minutes session.

2.5 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale.

By Chris

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