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London Has Fallen

So yesterday we watched London Has Fallen with Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart and man how disappointed this movie is. It has loads of action, but no story, humor and originality. Sequels usually suck, this one sucks too. London falls hard and fails terribly. 2 out of 5 on our ‪#‎saltedpopcorn‬ scale. Have you seen this […]

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Walt Before Mickey (2015)

Story is dull and looks like a LifeTime movie. Shows the life of Walt Disney (Thomas Ian Nicholas) before he was famous and created the Disney empire. Not amusing at all and the movie goes on and on and on. Probably if you are a Disney fanatic you can enjoy this movie, but do not […]

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The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

Another great caracter from Sacha Baron Cohen as the faulmouthed and dimwitted football hooligan Nobby who is looking for his brother (Mark Strong). 83 minutes of fun, lots of action, football and bizarre elephant behaviour. Perfect movie for a lazy sunday afternoon when you don’t like watching the European Cup but still want to have […]

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