Zoute Popcorn

First of all I have to admit, I am not a Kevin Hart fan. Why? Because he isn’t the best actor and is mostly annoying in his movie. But honestly in this movie he is OK!

The movie begins with a fat Dwayne Johnson who plays Bob Stone and gets rescued by Calvin Joyner (played by Kevin Hart) before more humiliation is shown on screen. Years later they meet again online just before the high school reunion years later takes place. Calvin who is an accountant needs to help CIA agent Bob to save a compromised spy satellite falling in the wrong hands. Hart’s signature patter ought to have grown tiresome, but somehow that’s not the case in this film and I enjoyed watching him. Johnson always has a certain charisma on screen and I found him pretty funny in this movie. It is not a great or excellent movie, but fun to watch.

3 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale.

By Chris

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