Zoute Popcorn

Sometimes you just watch a dumb action movie. Now here it is!
If you see a poster with Dominic Purcell on it, you automatically know that it won’t be the best movie ever, but just a nice action flick. So is this one. Purcell plays a New York cop who gets put up with an actor who is out of control and the studio wants him to join the NYPD for a period. They end up in a highly secured facility where offcourse the badguys want to steal something. Lots of know names like Steven Lang, Vinnie Jones and Danny Glover pop up and the bullets are flying everywhere. Good old, almost 2 hours, of stupid action. Put your popcorn in the microwave and start watching this on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you just want to stare at the TV and watch something.

2 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale

By Chris

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