Hardcore Henry
Zoute Popcorn

Hardcore Henry is the first movie ever to be shot completely in first person. You will see everything from the main characters point of view, which in this case means hard boiled action and lots of somersaults.

Movie starts with an introduction of Henry in a lab and immediately there is a lot of action going on. Sometimes it will make you dizzy because the action is so fast and a lot of movement is going on. The pace of this movie is fast, real fast and Sharlto Copley keeps popping up in almost every scene. If you are into fast and hard action and you can stand all the motion that is going on (a la Paul Greengrass shake came style) you will definitely enjoy this movie. I have to be honoust, almost an hour into the movie I had to pause it for 15 minutes. Not for a pee or popcorn break, but I had to watch something else rather the first person view.

3 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale

By Chris

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