Zoute Popcorn

Officially a reboot of the Hitman series and not a sequel to the Hitman movie with Timothy Oliphant from 2007. Now Rupert Friends playes the bold Hitman.

I have played the Hitman videogame and I have to be very honoust, this movie from my opinion has no connections with the videogame. Yes the Syndicate is present, but the videogame is all about stealth mode and act as a spy. The movie is about hard boiled action, many bullets flying around and no stealth whatsoever. Rupert Friend tries his best to play the bold assassin with a rough past but fails to impress. The action is pretty decent and Zachary Quinto plays a good or bad guy (you will find out in the movie) but it plays to impres. Again this is a missed opportunity to create a decent action movie out of a great game. Two strikes out, one more strike to go.

1 out of 5 on our #saltedpopcorn scale.

By Chris

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