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One journalist (Eric Bana) and his radio technician (Ricky Gervais) need to go to Equador to report on a potential riot. But will they get there?

No they don’t! So that is the major spoiler for today. That is also the whole purpose and goal of this movie, it provides a satire on the current newsreporting where it shows that you can make up names and situations and people will flawlessly take over these rumours. Frank (Eric Bana) is a hot shot radio news reporter with a radio technician (Albert, played by comedian Ricky Gervais) who is unhappy in this marriage (wife played by Vera Farmiga). All of a sudden when his wife tells Albert she is leaving him a potential civil war breaks loose in Equador and Frank and Albert need to cover this story and head over to Equador. But they never make it and end up across the street of their radio station in the attic of a coffee place. Here they fake their presence in Equador and make the whole story up.

Some funny moments but the best role of this movie is for Vera Farmiga, who portraits a wife who gets here fame and fortune from the fact her husband is kidnapped and she has no special skills. Hello reality tv?!

Written and directed by Ricky Gervais, it could be a lot more funnier. Seen on Netflix.

2 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale

By Chris

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