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Once a while you just wanna sit back, relax and watch a western. Have a look at men wearing belts and guns and stare at eachother. Currently I am in that phase.

Back in 1993, Kurt Russell had the idea to adapt the story of Wyatt Earp in a town called Tombstone, where he wanted to build up a life with his wife and do some business. Kurt Russell plays Wyatt Earp, Bill Paxton his brother Morgan Earp and Sam Elliott plays Virgil Earp. Together they will live in Tombstone and try to make some money, but all of a sudden The Cowboys (gang with red scarfs) start to annoy people and the Earps are the only people who are brave enough to face and challenge The Cowboys. They get help from Doc Holiday (played by a enthousiastic Val Kilmer) who is fatally suffering from tuberculosis and plays one of his better roles.

I did not know a thing about Wyatt Earp and after I watched this movie I started reading articles and came to know more about the facts portraid in the movie and the resemblance with the real life situation. And they were quite accurute. I enjoyed watching this movie, the gunfights and costumes are greatly created and the cast is clearly having a lot of fun portraying their roles. Still a lot of westerns to watch.

3 out of 5 on our #SaltedPopcorn scale

Seen on Netflix NL.

By Chris

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